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We specialize in insurance claims from wind, hail, and other storm damage in Medina, Akron, Cleveland, and all of Northeast Ohio

For more than 25 years, State Construction has been proud to offer excellent roof service and exceptional work. To make life easier for our customers, we specialize in roof insurance claim repair work - specifically roof repair, siding, gutters, and damaged interior projects.

Roof insurance claims can be confusing and very hard to understand. At State Construction we will walk you through the entire claims process. Our expertise in this area will make the process seem pain-free. Our representatives are trained in the field of adjusting and homeowner's policies, so we understand the whole process. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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Complicated and unexpected losses after wind damage to a home

Some windstorm damages make immediate sense-a strong gust could obviously lift roofing materials or knockdown loose branches. However, a large portion of the damage reported after severe windstorms also include indirect and less-obvious losses from:

  • Lightning strikes and electrical damage
  • Damage from flying debris
  • Fires
  • Broken pipes and gas leaks
  • Water damage from damaged roofing or broken windows
  • Foundation damage and full or partial structural collapses

These kinds of complicated damages can mean that policyholders often run into confusion about covered and non-covered losses, and many are unable to get the thorough assessments they need to prove and claim the full extent of their damages. Additionally, since windstorms often affect an entire region, insurance companies may be especially interested in minimizing homeowner claims for losses.

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